10 Free and Easy Ways to Limit Your Data Exposure

  • Always Opt-Out/No Junk Mail – Anytime you have an option to “Opt-Out” when registering your email address, do so!
  • Social Media Lite – Never post actual birth dates or other personal information on social media.
  • Use the IRS – Ask the IRS for your transcript so you can monitor your account with them.
  • Create a Secret Email – Use a separate email address for personal emails than you would for shopping or signing up for things. Never use your work email address for personal matters!
  • Keep Credit Card Info Offline – Never store your credit card info on a seller’s website.
  • Be Stingy with Personal Information – Do not provide your email address or zip code when shopping at a brick and mortar retailer.
  • Say “NO” to Surveys – Online or on the street; the information you give could be sold to questionable purveyors of your information.
  • Alerts Alerts Alerts! – Take advantage of offers for sending you free alerts.
  • Use Your Phone to Buy Online – Phone calls with retailers are recorded, which may provide an additional level of security.
  • Don’t Enter Sweepstakes – Don’t provide your information to enter sweepstakes; it is highly likely that your info will be sold and highly unlikely that you will win the prize.