How to Increase Your Password Strength

We all have so many passwords to remember, and it’s often tempting to reuse them, especially if you have a strong one. Resist that temptation! If your password is compromised on one site, like Facebook, and you’ve used the same password on your internet banking site, attackers now have access to your banking information; and they will exploit it.

To ensure a strong unique password, rather than using a common word (like Password 123$) or a pet’s name + your birthdate (Bandit112283!), try a passphrase. A passphrase is a phrase where the first letter of each word becomes your password. “The Beach Is My Happy Place” your password would be: Tb!mH@ppyP93* adding in extra numbers, symbols, and a whole word from your phrase creates a much stronger password.

Also, never use the same password on your Social Media sites as you do on your financial (banking, credit card) sites!