Business Plan Questionnaire

We’re in the business of helping you do business.

The first step towards establishing a business plan is to answer the questions below that pertain to your situation.

  1. Date business was established – or will be established
  2. Location of Business
    1. Is the location leased or owned?
    2. If leased, provide the name and location of the owner.
  3. Date present owners gained control – or will gain control
  4. Describe what services you offer, or products you sell or manufacture
  5. How is your product or service made?
  6. Describe any special materials or processes used in your business.
    1. How are these obtained?
  7. Discuss your market area and competition
  8. Discuss your marketing strategy
  9. Describe the trends affecting your industry
  10. Discuss your goals for the Business. Explain how this loan will help you achieve these objectives. Include why the loan is needed and how the money will be repaid
    1. Short term goals (1-4 years)
    2. Long term goals (5-10 years)
  11. Any other information you feel would help us better understand your business


The financial data requested below are essential to the decision-making process.

  • Year-End balance sheet and income statements for the company’s three previous fiscal years.
  • Year-End income tax returns – three previous fiscal years (personal and business – include all schedules)
  • Interim balance sheet and income statement dated within 60 days of this application.
  • Projections for at least the next two years, including detailed assumptions (refer to Form 3)


This is a very common question. Superior National Bank has a tradition of quality service and quick responses to loan requests. Therefore, you should expect the following steps to occur:

  1. Submit the loan application to a loan officer
  2. They will contact you within two business days to schedule a follow-up meeting
  3. At the follow-up meeting, you will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the loan request and either:
    1. Decline the request, but provide recommendations
    2. Discuss with you the possible loan structuring and establish a “game plan” for finalizing the process.