Trust & Estate Administration

Experienced and accountable to enact your plan as intended.

Our locally-based Trust and Wealth Management team has a vast range of experience in navigating the financial and emotional complexities of trust and estate administration. Rely on us to act as your unbiased administrator with integrity and sensitivity to carry out your plans according to your wishes.

Trust Administration

Not only can we serve as your advisors, we are also equipped to act as an administrator of your trust, working closely with your attorney and CPA to identify and implement the financial strategies that are best suited for your situation.

Trustee Services

Trust our experts to provide you with custom solutions, personalized assistance, and to carry out the terms of your trust and to act in your best interest serving as and working with the Trustee and/or Successor Trustee, as designated.

Trustee Services include:

  • Custody services
  • Trust accounting
  • Tax review and filing
  • Record keeping services
  • Investment management
  • Asset distribution
  • Bill pay

Estate Administration

Rely on one of Superior National Bank’s Trust & Wealth Management experts to serve as a designated personal representative or executor of an estate. Estate administrators provide financial responsibility and sound asset management and allow you to control how assets are distributed so that you can provide for those you care about.


  • Collect and secure assets
  • Communicate with and distribute assets to beneficiaries
  • Pay debts, expenses, and taxes
  • File tax returns

Want to know more about our trust and wealth management services? Contact a Trust and Wealth Management professional today.