Remote Deposit Capture FAQs

Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) is an innovative payment solution that allows you to make deposits electronically when it is convenient for you, without ever leaving your office. Simply scan the checks you receive through the RDC scanner and transmit the deposit using a secure web connection. The funds are generally available to you the next business day.

By using RDC, you can eliminate trips to the bank, resulting in better time management. Electronic deposits may also lower paper usage. RDC allows for more reporting and research options, increasing office efficiencies.

Instead of mailing or bringing your deposits to Superior National Bank (SNB), use Remote Deposit Capture right from your desk! Simply log in to SNB’s Business Online Banking platform-SNBPro-and select the CCX-Remote Deposit Capture module and follow the steps.

The RDC process can be explained in the following six steps:

  1. XYZ Company receives payments by check in the mail or at its office.
  2. XYZ Company performs its normal remittance processing routine.
  3. Checks are then typically provided to the Company’s treasury area, where XYZ Company prepares a deposit (i.e., determines the number of checks and calculates the deposit amount).
  4. XYZ Company scans the checks using a desktop scanner using SNBPro.
  5. The check images are captured, and the system transmits the deposit to SNB through the Internet connection (data is encrypted).
  6. SNB receives the image deposit file, posts to XYZ Company’s account, and assigns availability based upon the agreed availability schedule.

While there may still be paperwork and data entry to be done on the business end during the remittance process, there is no longer a need to physically deliver the checks to the bank. This alone reduces time and money for the business, making its operations more efficient and cost-effective.

Yes, SNB has these requirements and keeps an up-to-date document available on the RDC portal under Documents. A comprehensive list of compatible scanners is also available and will be provided by SNB.

All checks are eligible to be deposited using RDC as long as the items are a U.S. check and have a fully encoded MICR line (the numbers and symbols at the bottom of the check: they include the routing number, account number and serial/check number). International (example: Canadian) checks are not eligible. As always, international items must be deposited through a branch office.

No, RDC can place a virtual endorsement on the image of the check.

When a check is scanned using Remote Deposit Capture, images of the front and back of the check are taken. These images will be sent as an Image Replacement Document and will be processed as if it were a paper item brought in to the bank. You are required to keep the physical checks in a secure location for a minimum of 60 days and a maximum of 75. After that time, they must be destroyed using a shredder, incinerator or other approved destruction method.


You can run your deposits 24/7. Typically batches submitted and approved before 3 p.m. on a working business day will be processed that day and funds available the next day. Any batches submitted after 3 p.m. will not be available until the 2nd working business day.

After a check has been scanned, the images are available to you using the Remote Deposit Capture module of our online banking platform for 24 months. After that time you will need to contact the bank retrieve the images. NOTE: At the time you scan your deposit, the system does allow you to print or save a copy of the images if you would like to keep a paper copy for your own purposes.

Yes, there are many various reports available. It will depend upon your needs and wants as a business to decide on which reports you want to use.

Our system has a virtually unlimited capacity; however, these parameters will be discussed and agreed upon when your account is set up during your onboarding process.

Yes, you can transmit as many items and as many batches as you chose and into any account that has been validated for remote deposit capture as long as the number of items and the deposit amount is within the parameters agreed upon during your onboarding process.

No, but a virtual deposit ticket will be created for each deposit.

Your business is responsible for the duplicate. The remote deposit capture module has built-in safeguards to prevent the same item from being deposited more than once online. However, if a check is deposited online and at a branch, our backend system will detect the duplicate check. And, the amount of the duplicate item will be debited from your account.

Yes, information can be put into QuickBooks. There is documentation on this integration available on the RDC portal under Documentation.