Will your business lending decision be made locally?

Building a Business Relationship with a Local Lender

Choosing a commercial lender? Think about the kind of institution you want a relationship with. Local community banks provide you with value, commitment, and personalized service while helping you grow your business. With a local partner, you’re more likely to be valued as an individual, not as just another number or account.

Perhaps the biggest question to ask is this: How will the decisions about your business lending be made? Will your loan have to fit into a “lending box” that uses rigidly structured out-of-town underwriters that my not consider your business future potential or the character and merit of a business request? Or will the decision be made locally, by a bank that knows the community your business is in and clearly understands your opportunities for growth?

Local Lenders Are a Part of Your Team

Because they’re closely tied to the people and businesses around them, community banks focus on building relationships. Your commercial lender is someone who’ll become a part of your team—not only immediately, but as your business continues to evolve and grow. Find someone who you trust and can go to for ideas, experience, and advice.

It’s no surprise that the J.D. Power Small Business Banking Satisfaction Study found that when customers have an account manager or a point person, they express greater satisfaction with their banking services.

At Superior National Bank, our lenders know our community and have intimate knowledge of local market conditions. Instead of focusing on just the numbers, we have more flexibility to make lending decisions based on the character and personal qualifications of a client.

To learn more from one of our commercial lenders, contact us at 248.434.6000 or visit snb- t.com. We are happy to help!

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