Is your lender a trusted business advisor?

Choosing Your Commercial Lender

When it comes to choosing a commercial lender for your business, you can’t trust just anyone at any financial institution. It’s important to choose a commercial lender whose experience, integrity, and capability instills confidence. After all, the growth potential of your business is on the line. Having the right commercial lender on your side can make or break your business success.

A trusted business lender will help you through every phase. They’ll help ensure your business plan aligns with your needs, then put it into action with a custom-made strategy to provide the working capital you need to grow your business according to the plan.

Creating a Relationship with Your Lender

So how do you begin building a strong working relationship with a lender? The key is identifying one whose experience aligns with your business and its values, and who is also someone you can trust to always have your best interest at heart. Do they have the personality and characteristics that you admire and can relate to? Are they someone with focus, dedication, and honesty? Finding someone that you feel confident in and can trust is critical.

Why Work with a Local Lender

Community banks have lenders who are friends and neighbors—people who want to get to know you, your business and everything you’re working to be. Because when the local community has businesses that are successful, it helps make the local bank successful, too.

The commercial lending team at SNB is available to clients directly by phone, text, email, or any other preferred communication method. They’re proud to work one-on-one with clients to provide you with a Superior Experience. Our commercial lending team is passionate about building strong relationships within the communities we serve. To learn more about SNB from one of our lenders, please call us at 248.434.6000 or visit

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