Mobile Banking Security Tips

At Superior National Bank, we take safeguarding your personal and financial information very seriously. Below are a few simple tips to help protect your information as you stay on top of your finances while on-the-go:


  • Set a strong account password that has at least one number, a capitalized letter, and a special character. Do not use easily guessed information; such as your name, birth date, or address.
  • Treat your phone like a computer by downloading security patch updates and antivirus software on your phone.
  • Always secure your phone with a passcode and automatic lock.
  • Only download applications from trusted sources. Make sure to download updates regularly, as often times these include fixes to security flaws.
  • Read an application’s privacy policy to be aware of what they are doing with your private information.
  • Take note of pop-up notices and other alerts that may be warning you about security issues or leaving trusted sites.
  • Always log off completely after using a mobile banking site or application.
  • Make sure to clear out all information on your phone before discarding it.


  • Send your personal information or Online Banking credentials via e-mail or text.
  • Enter personal information unless there’s an “s” after http on a website; this indicates that the site is secure. Also look for the lock symbol in the address bar.
  • Bank or shop online while on a smartphone accessing an unsecured, public Wifi connection.
  • Click on any links in e-mails that claim to be from your bank. Instead, go to your bank’s trusted website or mobile banking app and log in directly.