People Pay FAQs

What is People Pay?

People Pay allows you to pay individuals for money owed, for services rendered, or just because.

How does People Pay work?

Easily make person-to-person transfers to others using People Pay by entering your Payee’s name and either their email address or cell phone number, the amount you want to send them, and the method by which you want to pay. They’ll be notified by email or text message with instructions on how to claim the funds.

How do I get started with People Pay?

Log in to your MySNB online banking account. Click the “Pay and Transfer” tab and then select “Pay People” under the People Pay heading to enroll.

What does People Pay cost?

When choosing to pay by check, there is no charge. For all other payment methods, there is a $1 convenience fee.

Who pays the fee?

The person sending the money pays the People Pay convenience fee.

Who can use People Pay?

People Pay service is available to all customers enrolled in MySNB.

How do I enroll in People Pay?

To enroll in People Pay, customers will log in to Online Banking and navigate to the Pay and Transfers tab and select Pay People. You will then be prompted to select and read the disclosure. Once you agree to the disclosure, you can continue to set up the accounts you would like to make payments from. You will receive an email with a confirmation code, and you will enter that code into the confirmation box at setup. After that – you’re all set to start paying people!

I sent a payment using People Pay. When will the recipient receive it?

This depends on the payment method chosen. Payments collected by debit card or PayPal are instantaneous; payments sent via ACH (bank account number) take one to three days; payments sent via check take up to seven days.

What if there’s a problem using People Pay?

Only Superior National Bank customers can inquire about payments. We are unable to disclose payment information to non-SNB customers.

Can I cancel a payment?

You can cancel a payment anytime before the funds are claimed. Payees have ten days to claim funds. If the funds are not claimed, the money will never leave your account. If the funds are sent directly to that person’s account via account number and routing number, debit card number, or by PayPal, you will not be able to cancel that payment as those funds are sent instantly. To cancel a payment, log in to MySNB, select the Unclaimed Transaction from the Outgoing history and select Cancel Payment.

What do each of the transaction statuses mean?

  • Canceled: Consumer cancels a transaction that has not already been claimed, declined, or expired
  • Claimed: The recipient claims a transaction sent to their email address or cell phone number
  • Claimed – Failed: The recipient attempts to claim a transaction and the claim fails
  • Completed: The bank account, PayPal, or check transaction is successfully processed
  • Declined: The recipient declines a transaction sent to their email address or cell phone number
  • Expired: Funds that are not claimed within ten days
  • Scheduled: A check transaction that is scheduled for processing
  • Unclaimed: A transaction sent to a contact’s email address or cell phone number has not been claimed

What if the person I sent the funds to loses their claim code?

You can review your Outgoing Transactions and select it to view the applicable Claim Code.