Personal Finance FAQs

What is Personal Finance?

Personal Finance is a service that MySNB customers can enroll in that gives you the ability to manage expenses, set a budget, save for personal goals, view investments, and calculate net worth by viewing all of your financial accounts in one place.

How do I enroll in Personal Finance?

To enroll in Personal Finance, send us an email to letting us know that you’d like to use Personal Finance, or you can log in to MySNB Online Banking and select Contact Us from the Customer Service tab. In the Subject line, choose "Enroll in Personal Finance." In the message body, tell us that you would like to enroll in Personal Finance. Once the service is available to you, the Personal Finance tab will appear in your online banking dashboard and you will receive a message via Online Banking telling you how to get started!

How do I link an account in Personal Finance?

Select "Link Account" and find your online bank, credit card, loan, investment, reward, and bill accounts by using a key word or popular account searches. Select and add all desired accounts to Personal Finance.

What type of accounts can I connect in Personal Finance?

There are a lot of choices! You can connect other banks, credit cards, investment accounts, loans, rewards programs, and more. To link, you will need the online account access credentials for those accounts.

What if I can’t find my other bank or my card?

Not every account will have access. New companies are added regularly, though, so be sure to check periodically to see if your desired account has been added. In the meantime, you can manually add and update an account. You can also use manual account creation to add other things such as private loans or personal arrangements you might have.

Is Personal Finance available in SNBPro?

No. Personal Finance is for MySNB users only. There are other financial management options within SNBPro, however, such as Quicken or QuickBooks.

What if I have additional questions about Personal Finance?

In Personal Finance look for the question mark and play icon symbols. They are located to the right of the "Link Account" option. Selecting these symbols will open various help options.