Deposit Audit Specialist

Department: Branch Operations

Reports To: Branch Operations Officer

Summary: Audits all new/revised deposit accounts and higher risk deposit maintenance to ensure compliance with regulation and internal policy and procedure. Delivers superior customer support to the retail banking team, answering questions and providing training where needed.

• Audits new personal and business deposit accounts for compliance, documentation accuracy and completeness, including but not limited to CIP documentation, business organizational documents, trust and fiduciary documents.
• Audits customer profile on core banking system to ensure that it has been set up correctly and in accordance with supporting documentation.
• Audits higher risk customer profile and account level maintenance for completion, accuracy and to ensure all necessary supporting documents/forms have been collected.
• Tracks and reports on accounts opened/maintained with policy and/or documentation exceptions.
• Assists with the completion of the Branch Audit Program, including but not limited to sending request lists, collection of the supporting documentation, tracking and reporting of audit findings.
• Provides superior customer support to account openers in the field, answering questions and providing training where needed.
• Delivers excellent and enthusiastic internal customer service.
• Maintains a high level of understanding of, and adherence to, relevant regulation and internal bank policy.
• Assists the retail banking and compliance team to enhance procedures and processes to maximize regulatory compliance while maintaining operational efficiency.


• High school diploma or equivalent
• Retail banking experience desired
• Successful completion of in-house training program